Have you heard the voice of God and seen His love in action?

As you read this book, may you know that God truly desires to reveal himself to you, to speak to you, and have a deep and personal relationship with you.

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About the Book

For over 40 years I have experienced a very special gift from God. The gift of hearing his voice personally, seeing him fulfill the things that he said he would, and knowing how much Jesus loves me.

It didn’t start that way though...at one point my life was filled with darkness. Without hope or the promise of a future or eternity, I embraced the idea that my life was totally dependent on my own strength and wisdom. Doors that should never be opened were opened, as I embraced the occult and its many wayward teachings. The ferris wheel of darkness and selfishness began spinning faster and faster, as I continued hoping that one day the emptiness inside would be filled. Somehow there was a glimmer of some deep fulfilling love out there, but all I could find was increasing darkness.

I grasped for and pursued that small glimmer of hope with all that was within me. Then, slowly something began happening to me. Something so deep and real overcame me, and my blindness was replaced with a new vision -the perfect vision of love found in Jesus Christ. When I finally yielded to him, I discovered the secret to knowing who I truly was. I began to see him working in everything - all my daily activities. He began to show me what he was doing in my life and the lives of those around me. I saw many people healed, impossible cases resolved, and unexplainable miracles occur.

The Lord is now calling me to share these same mysteries with you! It is my fervent hope that as you read these stories, you too will be convicted, convinced, and converted to the truth in Jesus Christ.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

Charles' testimony of the Lord working in his life reveals the lavish and merciful love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. His story of grace and healing show all of us that the Lord Jesus has a plan for our lives and that as we open our hearts to Him, he wonderfully acts in our life with gentleness and power. Those who read Charles' story will find that same merciful and powerful Savior as he did and discover a whole new way of living.


Fr. Dale Picarelli

St. Philip Neri Parish

To ask, to wait, to listen, to hear, to act so trustingly knowing it is God directing you is miraculous in itself.  If I were to sum up this remarkable Holy Spirit-filled wondrous book you wrote, the words would come from your five words hidden deep in your book: “Love is always the aim!”  Thank you, thank you, thank you Charles! 


Tom Wiegand

Former President of the Catholic Mens Fellowship

God truly has blessed Charles Piccirilli with a great gift of faith, and Charles has shared that gift abundantly. I have come to refer to him affectionately as “my personal Padre Pio,” and after reading his journey with God, I believe you will know why. This is Charles’ story–it tells how our Lord speaks to an ordinary man–a sinner just like you and me–and through him, does wondrous things.


Kimberly Cook


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About the Author


Charles Piccirilli

This extraordinary and engaging biography of a very interesting Catholic man, now in his seventies, draws readers into the mysteries of God, as well as the Lord’s desire to be personally present to each of us. This is not a story of private revelation, but rather of an ordinary layman, sharing in great depth the many miracles he has seen and experienced. "Once I Was Blind, But Now I See" is written for all Christians, to give testimony to God's ever present hand in our lives.

For those who are outside the Christian faith, outside the Church, or simply feeling distant and questioning if God really exists, I believe this book will transform their lives.

Charles Piccirilli

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